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There is this guy name Jim Groom. Never heard of him. But he keeps tweeting me and nagging me for an interview. So I gave one to him. Some of my answers were serious, some not so serious. From the looks of it, he seems like a nice guy. Very intelligent. But I don’t trust him. So I made this video in the dark. Concealing my identity. I will not disclose my current location. But I will give him answers.


Don’t Mess With Zuckerberg

Redub The Audio (4 Stars)

Mark Zuckerberg in this movie is kind of my kind of guy. An intelligent guy with a HUGE chip on his shoulder. Anyways I changed the audio to portray him and his jerk of a teacher. To be honest he is not that much of a jerk, but I digress. I use my voice as the Zuckerberg and the teacher. It was a little difficult because I was trying to attempt at some humor, match their lips and facial tones. I think I pulled it off, what do you think?

Last Scene of Notorious.

In this scene, I did a brief synopsis of ending of Notorious. I wanted to make it short and sweet. The character, Alex, walks up the stairs in the most dramatic way. The audience knows that Alex will be caught and could spell doom for him in the future. Another thing I wanted emphasize the camera shot. You do not see Alex’s face, as he walks up, but you know its pretty somber. Finally the closing of the door was a great transition of to the end of the movie. Very interesting scene.

That Escalated Quickly…

Tonight I heard the radio show Inside Talking.

Below are my tweets while listening to the show:

It was basically a talks show host between all of the groups characters. What I loved about it, is that I felt that I was part of a real radio station. I especially enjoyed how each character had their own unique story. Also the way they interacted with the host was pretty funny also. There were actual crowd noise in the background hecklers, and even the host and interview got engaged, which was freaking hilarious. It was well put together and I enjoyed the show greatly.

I am NOT a Morning Person….

My Dreary Morning Ritual

Whats The Story Morning Glory? (2 Stars)

This audio clip includes my morning ritual. This ritual have been the same for a long time. Of course, the first sound you hear is my alarm clock. I have love-hate relationship with this device. Its the main reason I wake up so I can go class and/or work on time. However, I do get annoyed that I have to get up to turn the alarm clock off. As you could probably tell the irritation from my voice I am not a morning person. The next sound you would hear is my feet dragging across the floor to bathroom. Then you will hear me brush my teeth and take a shower.

I chose these sounds only because the events that happen my morning ritual vary. Sometimes I would eat breakfast, sometimes I just drive to campus or work. Or sometime I hit the snooze button on my day off.

This ritual have been consistent throughout all of my life. I hope yours is not as annoying…..

My Epic Theme Song

Your Theme Song (4 Stars)

I chose the audio assignment “Your Theme Song”, well because I’ve always wanted to create one, and now I have a great excuse to do so. That being said, this assignment took a me almost an hour to create because I had to chose, which songs and sound effects I wanted to include in my theme song. The background music is “Going Under” by the band Evanescence. I chose them because I love their songs. The sound effects included in theme song are explosions, a rocket starting up and an Irish flute playing.
All of the sound effects I got from My goal was to show the listener that my theme song is fast paced, complex, mysterious and convoluted. I felt my theme song met all of these requirements.

Marcus Made a Voicemail…

Movie Voice Machines – (2.5 Stars)

Marcus just realized that his parents might call him to see how is doing. So, he quickly made a short voicemail. Although part of him feel this is a complete waste of time, he may receive an important message in the future…..

I chose to do this audio assignment because I want to give the audience a better idea of the mindset of Marcus. Right now, he is a shaken, stubborn, annoyed and still a bit depressed. He still has a long way to go until he sees the light at the end of a very, very, dark tunnel.

Marcus’s Life Described in Four Pics…..

One/Story Four Pics – (3 Stars)

Marcus s Journey to Fullfillment-page-001

I chose these four pictures to represent the main critical points in Marcus’s road to redemption. The first icon represents Marcus’s depression. Good portion of his struggle was getting over his self-esteem. The second picture represents his is trip to vegas. Gambling was his way to cope with his situation. The third picture is Marcus’s long road to recovery. More on this will be revealed. The last picture is the conclusion, Marcus finally finds peace.

What’s Really in Your Burrito?…

A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing – (3 Stars)

Everyone seems to rave about how great Chipotle is. And its much healthier than Taco Bell…right? But what if Chipotle was really run by Taco Bell, just so they can create that illusion. Mind Blowing isn’t?


To create this logo, I had to get original copy of the logo of Chipotle. I had first clear out the word Chipotle. Then I had to paint the background with the same red color. Once that was done, I created the Taco Bell font with the same white color and paste into the logo. The reason changed this logo because I love Taco Bell, but I also enjoy Chipotle. So I found assignment particularly interesting…

Taco Bell as a Chipotle Logo

They don’t call it the Hunger Games for Nothing…..

Design Assignments – Truthful Movie Poster – (3 stars)

Hunger Games (Truth Movie Poster)

The Hunger Games movie is one of my favorite movies. It has a great plot, fantastic characters and gripping action scenes. However, the first time I saw the movie in theaters, I got dizzy watching some of the actions scenes. The Hunger Games stories in the novel have some violent action scenes,So to make the movies PG-13, instead seeing blood or gory images, the director would simply move the camera quickly just before an opponent would deliver the final blow. Its a great technique, it build tension, but also makes some people sick also. One my had even threw up in the bathroom after watching the movie.

Other by that, I highly recommend seeing the movie.