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Back to the Drawing Board……..

JNRS (Jackson Noir Radio Station)

This second week in creating a Radio Show has been frustrating to say the least. We created new great ideas for our radio show. However, due to timing conflicts and lack of communication. Two of our members decided to do the show without the rest of the group. This meant the remaining three people had to collaborate to create our own radio show, but due to weather conditions and no responses, I was forced to create a new radio show on my own.

I created a radio show based on my character getting an internship at radio station. My character, Marcus, was asked to create radio segment on a radio station. It was Noir themed in which gave his take on three topics that he felt were important in Noir. The three themes were Sounds/Background noise, femme fatale, and foreshadowing/dialogue. He also included some commercials of products that was used in the 50’s and 60’s.The segment is about 18 minutes long. It was very tedious, but I able to finish the radio show.

Sources:(1950’s & 1960’s) Commercials, The Tall Target, Crossfire, Nightfall