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The Sensations Of Rain



Water, Liquid, H20,

Clouds, dark, and grey,

Raindrops, Thunder lightning.

Step out in the showers.

Close you eyes.

Feel and Hear Nature washing itself all over you.

Drink it in……..

I’ve never felt so alive.

This was a daily create about rainy day and how you feel. I love rainy days. So this poem was fun to write. People usually feel miserable or in a bad mood. Not me. I feel at peace when there is a huge thunderstorm outside, seeing lighting across the sky.
I love rain.

That Escalated Quickly…

Tonight I heard the radio show Inside Talking.

Below are my tweets while listening to the show:

It was basically a talks show host between all of the groups characters. What I loved about it, is that I felt that I was part of a real radio station. I especially enjoyed how each character had their own unique story. Also the way they interacted with the host was pretty funny also. There were actual crowd noise in the background hecklers, and even the host and interview got engaged, which was freaking hilarious. It was well put together and I enjoyed the show greatly.

Bouncing Ideas Off Each Other…

Radio Show Progress: Week 1

Noir Character Confernce

So far in our radio show progress, we are trying to bounce ideas into forming into consistent theme for our radio show. We have many great ideas, however, we still need some more direction. I am going suggest to our group that we discuss our characters and their adventurers. Then discuss why our characters would be considered noir. Next, we could have characters talk to each other, revealing their personalities and interact with one another. They could even become friends or enemies. Which could turn into another story. This could be really fun and the possibilities are endless. They key is for our characters to interact and grow.

Our Radio Poster…..THE NOIR BUZZ!!!

Our Design Poster for Radio Show:


This poster was designed by Sahar. We decided use this poster because it visually demonstrates all of the elements of noir. In the picture there is glamour, romance, surveillance, and drama. One of our ideas is talk about how certain movies and music showcases noir styles. From there, we can discuss deeper into what was the artist/director main message when creating their medium. What do the creators want the audience to reflect on or feel? Finally discuss the why the creators of noir want certain themes to resonate to its audience.

This will require us to research on the most common themes that are displayed noir mediums. For example, what are the typical visual signals that show an audience that it is noir style. Not only that, but the music, sounds, and dialogue for the films. Once we find those common themes, we need to investigate why they are important as well. For example, do dark environment create a scary ambiance and if so, why? This will require lots of dissecting and research. I’m looking forward to it.

Its Getting Hazy Out There….

Design Technique: Dominance

Dream-Like State

I took a picture of outside while it was getting dark. In the picture it looks like the entire environment was blending together into one “hazy” view. I consider this to be the type Dominance. The reason because mine and probably your initial view of the center of the picture. To me it looks like a portal or an eye opening up in the sky. And reality begins to “shake” in fear in whats to come.

Understanding Copyright…..


Originally, I didn’t give much thought copyright. Before I did any research, all I knew about copyright was the symbol; a c with a circle around it. Afterwards, I finally learned its a process when someone creates something and wants the government to protect their right to make a profit from it. Throughout history it made sense and benefited people form plagiarism. However, things get very complicated with the new digital age and creating mediums through the Internet.

Because according to some of the copyright laws, I am not allowed to make remixes of my favorite songs or use songs to make music videos. Its getting to the point it’s almost absurd. I agree if I use songs or movies in my mediums, I have make a note of who made the original content, because its disrespectful not to. However, to fine or even send people to jail because I remix one of my songs; it’s insane. You could also argue that, since I made a remix, isn’t the work technically originally made by me.?? Which leads to more questions with confusing answers.

Ultimately I feel that if there is a previous medium that anyone wants to modify, its important to either ask permission or at least let other people where you got the original source from. Especially if plan to make a profit from it. Even if you just want use a borrowed or altered medium to enrich or inform an audience, its best to credit the original creator.

That being said…I better start including including sources of my medium on this blog……

“More Human than Human….”

The Design and Noir Elements in Blade Runner


This movie contains many instances of Noir design throughout the movie. The setting for the movie is very dark. The lights are usually dim unless they on a ship. One huge example of this was when the main character, Rick Deckard, played by Harrison Ford, is in his apartment. I could barely even see what was in his apartment. I believe that was by design because the only things I could see in the scene were important to the plot. For example, I could only see Rick, a picture of a child, and a television screen.

Another design implementation I noticed was everything was clustered together in the city. I almost felt claustrophobic by just watching the scenes. Maybe the director, Ridley Scott, wanted the audience to feel uncomfortable or on edge while Rick Deckard was doing his investigation. One last element was the mood. Most the character were serious or somber. I don’t recall not too many individuals smiling or having a good time (except the bar scene). It seems everyone looks miserable. Maybe Scott, was telling the audience, despite the fact there are a lot of new technological innovations in the future, the human condition is still more important.

The Vignelli Knows What He’s Talking About…..

This booklet discusses numerous types of designs that I’ve never considered when I create media. One topic discussed in the booklet was ‘Type Size Relationship’. I was interested in how to manipulate the reader with different types font. Certain sizes can capture a reader’s eye and interest. However, if the size is too big, it could be very distracting and loses its appeal. Another topic was ‘Pragmatics’. Vignelli had the belief when designing a medium, make sure it’s complex, but not complicated. I have never even given much thought to this concept, but it make sense. Complex work art is captivating to me and I always inquire what I’m looking, reading or hearing. On the other hand, complicated art to me is annoying and convoluted. I also would lose interest in the piece immediately. The last topic I found interesting was ‘Sequence’. I am a big believer in order and structure. So in a layout, its important not to be inconsistent but not repetitive either.

I really enjoyed this booklet. I admittedly thought prior reading, “what would I read in there that would introduce topics that were new or even appealing to me?’

Thank goodness I was wrong….

Brainstorm Ideas for DS106 Radio Show….

One idea I have is to have some to discuss the importance of a historical event in history. For example, have someone narrate the implications of pearl harbor and effects that resulted from that tragic day. Include jazz or slow music in the background with some other sound effects layered with the speech. It must be as enticing as possible to the listener.

How Distinct Sound Affects Touch of Evil Opening Shots and Other Noir Films.

Touch of Evil Opening Shot
In this video clip, there is a menacing sound of drums and clanking. This to me ,was very intense as if something bad was going to happen. As soon as the couple drove into the car, the music then change to a generic 50’s pop song. It was weird transition because at the beginning the music was fast past then it changed to “happy and nothing bad is going to happen” music. I also heard people conversing and random car sounds.
Touch of Evil Opening Shot (Not remastered)
In this clip, the movie started with a ticking sound then just transition to the a long song. However, this song kept playing during the entire seen up until the car explosion. While the music was not as intense as the remastered, the transitions were smooth and made sense. Its very interesting how two different shots had left me with two different impressions of the movie.
Thoughts on The Ambiance of Film Noir
In The Ambiance of Film Noir, Hanson describes how in the 1940’s, many films began to incorporate many sequences that are recorded in low key, then increased with high key scores. Its as if the music or sounds are telling the story without the need of any dialogue. Changing the sound also changes the pacing of the film and the mood of the film. Somber sounds were for dreary scenes, whereas high pitch sounds were for intense scenes. All these elements were prevalent in most Noir films.