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Video Your Mood (2 Stars)

Driving on some random road. It has been a stressful week. I just buried my good friend Ricky. I stole a car from somebody so I could get home faster. Hopefully the cops don’t find me. It was about 5 in the afternoon. The sky was starting to set as night was coming. I”m not gonna lie, this is a breathtaking scene. So I record it. And for the first time, for a while, I felt at peace.

Follow My Advice Little Ones, Life is Sideways……

Survival Video (4.5 Stars)

I am feeling a little home sick at moment. I’ve been so much crap. I don’t think I can’t take this anymore. So I decided to create this Survival Video for my younger brother and sister to prep for the world. I tried to convey the message the best I could in a positive way. I turned the camera sideways to visually show life is sideways. I just wanted them to know I that I have their back if there ever in a dark place. I am trying to hold on. I must hold on. I will do it for them.

Who am I? Wouldn’t You Like To Know……

I Am Me (4.5 Stars)

I decided to make this video about myself. I don’t know why, but I just had an urge to record something. Its for the most part about what has happened recently in my life. Been out of school for couple months now. I’m currently traveling to California. Its hot and lonely. I miss Ricky already. Hopefully I could get ride from somebody. My video camera is not working properly, so I decided to post so images that represent what I am trying to convey to my “audience”. This whole thing took about an hour to make. Hope you guys enjoy it. If not, at least understand what kind of person I am.

Don’t Mess With Zuckerberg

Redub The Audio (4 Stars)

Mark Zuckerberg in this movie is kind of my kind of guy. An intelligent guy with a HUGE chip on his shoulder. Anyways I changed the audio to portray him and his jerk of a teacher. To be honest he is not that much of a jerk, but I digress. I use my voice as the Zuckerberg and the teacher. It was a little difficult because I was trying to attempt at some humor, match their lips and facial tones. I think I pulled it off, what do you think?