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<Your dreams out of the window (2 Points)

Money and more money-page-001

What do I dream about? Power? Women? Material Gain? What do all of those thing have in common? MONEY BABY! That all I dream about, that’s all I care about. Money right now is very important. Not only because I am broke, but it’s my gateway toward being somebody. I am tired of being kicked around and getting screwed over. I want tell people what to do. I want girls on my shoulders on all times. I want to be happy. And money is the only way I can be happy!

This assignment was about how my character, Marcus Jackson, daydreams about. At this point of his life, Marcus believes that money will solve all of his problems. Granted, he has not learned how to get money, yet. But he believes his life will be content if he is rich and powerful. He has a lot to learn……