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Week 6 Summary: Creating our Radio Show and More Fun Audio Assignments!


This week as been an interesting one to say the least. We had to form into groups to create our own noir radio talk show. We decided in creating a talk show called THE NOIR BUZZ. This where are characters gather together and discuss about their lives. I am really excited for this. All we need now is a script and a format of the show.

This week also we did another tweet along. This time with the show Notorious. It was alright. It was not as good as the buzz/Neil conversation when they were on the moon, but it was still entertaining.
Below are some of my tweets:

Also this week we had to comment more on other peoples work. Its so we can grow as a community, which I totally understand. I found some interesting blogs. Below are my links to my comments:


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3.Guessing a Popular Song

4.Awesome Noir Cereal Commercial

5.Cool Theme Song

6.Having Tea with Random People

7.Another song guessing game

8.Fantastic Sound Effects

9.Interesting Ring Tone

10.Cool Remix of a Conversation and Song

For Audio Assignments, I did a total of 11.5 Stars. I create an epic theme song, morning rituals, my favorite, Marcus Emotional Roller Coaster and Marcus’s Voicemail. I had a lot of fun doing those.

This was a fun week. I am looking forward to Week 7 and finishing up our radio station!

Bouncing Ideas Off Each Other…

Radio Show Progress: Week 1

Noir Character Confernce

So far in our radio show progress, we are trying to bounce ideas into forming into consistent theme for our radio show. We have many great ideas, however, we still need some more direction. I am going suggest to our group that we discuss our characters and their adventurers. Then discuss why our characters would be considered noir. Next, we could have characters talk to each other, revealing their personalities and interact with one another. They could even become friends or enemies. Which could turn into another story. This could be really fun and the possibilities are endless. They key is for our characters to interact and grow.

Our Radio Poster…..THE NOIR BUZZ!!!

Our Design Poster for Radio Show:


This poster was designed by Sahar. We decided use this poster because it visually demonstrates all of the elements of noir. In the picture there is glamour, romance, surveillance, and drama. One of our ideas is talk about how certain movies and music showcases noir styles. From there, we can discuss deeper into what was the artist/director main message when creating their medium. What do the creators want the audience to reflect on or feel? Finally discuss the why the creators of noir want certain themes to resonate to its audience.

This will require us to research on the most common themes that are displayed noir mediums. For example, what are the typical visual signals that show an audience that it is noir style. Not only that, but the music, sounds, and dialogue for the films. Once we find those common themes, we need to investigate why they are important as well. For example, do dark environment create a scary ambiance and if so, why? This will require lots of dissecting and research. I’m looking forward to it.

I am NOT a Morning Person….

My Dreary Morning Ritual

Whats The Story Morning Glory? (2 Stars)

This audio clip includes my morning ritual. This ritual have been the same for a long time. Of course, the first sound you hear is my alarm clock. I have love-hate relationship with this device. Its the main reason I wake up so I can go class and/or work on time. However, I do get annoyed that I have to get up to turn the alarm clock off. As you could probably tell the irritation from my voice I am not a morning person. The next sound you would hear is my feet dragging across the floor to bathroom. Then you will hear me brush my teeth and take a shower.

I chose these sounds only because the events that happen my morning ritual vary. Sometimes I would eat breakfast, sometimes I just drive to campus or work. Or sometime I hit the snooze button on my day off.

This ritual have been consistent throughout all of my life. I hope yours is not as annoying…..

My Epic Theme Song

Your Theme Song (4 Stars)

I chose the audio assignment “Your Theme Song”, well because I’ve always wanted to create one, and now I have a great excuse to do so. That being said, this assignment took a me almost an hour to create because I had to chose, which songs and sound effects I wanted to include in my theme song. The background music is “Going Under” by the band Evanescence. I chose them because I love their songs. The sound effects included in theme song are explosions, a rocket starting up and an Irish flute playing.
All of the sound effects I got from My goal was to show the listener that my theme song is fast paced, complex, mysterious and convoluted. I felt my theme song met all of these requirements.

Feel the Pain, Sorrow, Elation and the Tranquility…..

Emotions Through Sound (3 Stars)

For this assignment I chose four sounds that represented my character Marcus Jackson.
The first sound you hear is anger and frustration. He lost one of his new friends he made while he was on his road trip. The second sound is the sadness of burying his friend and him just letting out all of his pain. The third sound is happiness and laughter when something wonderful happened to him. The last sound you hear is Marcus finally uplifting the weight of his shoulders.

I hope you guys enjoyed this clip. It took a long time to make these sounds. The background music I found from The voices were all me. The screaming part especially, was rough on my voice, but I felt it was worth it.

Marcus Made a Voicemail…

Movie Voice Machines – (2.5 Stars)

Marcus just realized that his parents might call him to see how is doing. So, he quickly made a short voicemail. Although part of him feel this is a complete waste of time, he may receive an important message in the future…..

I chose to do this audio assignment because I want to give the audience a better idea of the mindset of Marcus. Right now, he is a shaken, stubborn, annoyed and still a bit depressed. He still has a long way to go until he sees the light at the end of a very, very, dark tunnel.