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Week 8 Summary: Getting Inspired and Getting My Groove Back.

This week has been pretty hectic to say the least. The first thing we had to do is find other people’s work, comment them and present them. It was interesting because it forced, encouraged us to find what inspired us.

Another task we did was creating using our noir character and present them on twiter. Below are some are of them:

We also had to go back to doing assignment banks again. But this time, we did them as our character. Here’s one where my character Marcus, daydreams about money.

We also had to create some daily creates. Here one of them: We Will, We Will ROCK YOU!!!. This was a poem where a song made a past event memorable.

A bit of a slow start, but trying get back on track. On to Week 9.

We Will, We Will ROCK YOU!!!

Daily Create: How music changed your life

We were down eight points and very behind,

Our team was exhausted, and also whined,

All hope was lost, we didn’t know what to do,

Then someone blasted the song, “We will Rock You”

We had spirit, we had hope in our hearts,

We played hard, despite our faults,

The crowd cheered rooting us on,

And in the end, We Won!

This poem was about a memorable basketball game I had in high school. Our school was losing to another school in our home stadium. I felt like our team was going to lose the game. And then someone play the song “We Will Rock You” by Queen. After that the entire crowd started singing the lyrics. The environment inspired us so much, we eventually won the game. Now every time I hear that song I always pumped up!


<Your dreams out of the window (2 Points)

Money and more money-page-001

What do I dream about? Power? Women? Material Gain? What do all of those thing have in common? MONEY BABY! That all I dream about, that’s all I care about. Money right now is very important. Not only because I am broke, but it’s my gateway toward being somebody. I am tired of being kicked around and getting screwed over. I want tell people what to do. I want girls on my shoulders on all times. I want to be happy. And money is the only way I can be happy!

This assignment was about how my character, Marcus Jackson, daydreams about. At this point of his life, Marcus believes that money will solve all of his problems. Granted, he has not learned how to get money, yet. But he believes his life will be content if he is rich and powerful. He has a lot to learn……