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Week 9: It keeps Getting Better and Better…



This was busy for me this week. My laptop died around Wednesday forcing me to buy a new one. This unfortunately meant I had to redo some of my work. Also this week was an introduction to using video. Initially, I found this process a little tedious. Because not only do I have edit the audio I had to make sure it would sync with the video properly. After a few frustrating hours, I finally managed to produce some video

This week I listen to DS Radio and heard the group Inside Talking. It was a great listen and participated in the twitter along.

I also made two daily creates this week. The first one was to make a poem of a rainy day. This was short and sweet, but I really enjoyed it. The second daily create was similar to the rain poem, only this time, I read it out loud. At first I was done in about 30 seconds, but I wanted add some raindrops in the background to make it more interesting.

I also analysed the last scene of Notorious. Just a brief synopsis of how the last scene was so impactful. The video itself is about 30 seconds long, but it took me nearly an hour to edit. I hope once I practice more, I should get the hang of it.

Well onto Week 10….reluctantly.

Last Scene of Notorious.

In this scene, I did a brief synopsis of ending of Notorious. I wanted to make it short and sweet. The character, Alex, walks up the stairs in the most dramatic way. The audience knows that Alex will be caught and could spell doom for him in the future. Another thing I wanted emphasize the camera shot. You do not see Alex’s face, as he walks up, but you know its pretty somber. Finally the closing of the door was a great transition of to the end of the movie. Very interesting scene.

The Sensations Of Rain



Water, Liquid, H20,

Clouds, dark, and grey,

Raindrops, Thunder lightning.

Step out in the showers.

Close you eyes.

Feel and Hear Nature washing itself all over you.

Drink it in……..

I’ve never felt so alive.

This was a daily create about rainy day and how you feel. I love rainy days. So this poem was fun to write. People usually feel miserable or in a bad mood. Not me. I feel at peace when there is a huge thunderstorm outside, seeing lighting across the sky.
I love rain.

That Escalated Quickly…

Tonight I heard the radio show Inside Talking.

Below are my tweets while listening to the show:

It was basically a talks show host between all of the groups characters. What I loved about it, is that I felt that I was part of a real radio station. I especially enjoyed how each character had their own unique story. Also the way they interacted with the host was pretty funny also. There were actual crowd noise in the background hecklers, and even the host and interview got engaged, which was freaking hilarious. It was well put together and I enjoyed the show greatly.