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Week 13: Disturbing Video. Preparing for the worst.

We found out was on the flash drive. I kind of wish we hadn’t. Apparently some psycho has the Night Rider in his possiesion. His “Precious”. Its so precious, that he tracked us down. The flash drive also had a virus that trace our location. We were ambushed, by him and his allies. They also kidnapped Hank. I thought I was prepared for this case. Ironically enough it was far from the truth. All I know is that this group is located somewhere in New York. Joyce and I are planning to go there right now. We must stop this “Spidey-Guy”. And we must save Hank.
I hope we are not too late.

Week 11: My Iniatiation To The Freedom Fighters Agency

This week was pretty busy for me. After much contemplation, I decided to join The Freedom Fighters Agency (FFA). Ricky’s death made me realize I must do something to make this world a better place. Also must figure out how he pass away, because its been bothering me for weeks now. Hopefully the FFA can help me out with that problem. The agency apparently is pretty small. I only met a few individuals, but there are probably more than I realize.

First things first, I had to compose a resume and sent it to them. I was told by a letter that they accepted me and was very impressed by my skills. I’ve been told I will start sometime next week.

Before was able to do any missions, I was told to come blindfolded to a warehouse. It was sketchy at first, but I think they were still testing me. There I made a oath/a quick thank you before an audience that I couldn’t recognize. I guess they wanted me to know where my true feeling reside.

Once I left the warehouse, I went back to my quarters and started to reflect on my experiences. I first created a rcollage to tell a story of my journey so far.

Realizing I just made a huge decision, I realize I must make a will for my data representation of myself. The whole point was to show the world the side of me that chose to fight for justice. To rectify my mistakes so I can make my agency and family proud.

My Comments to other bloggers:

1. Epic Noir Cat picture.
2. More creepy noir cats.
3. Dream Vacations.
4. Nice Hotrod.
5. Interesting noir pics.
6. Mobster’s Resume.
7. Under the Sea.
8. Minoin playing pool.
9. Floating Umbrella.
10. Being thankful for random things.

My Daily Creates.

Its been an very eventful week and looking forward to next week. Hopefully my new Agency can do some good in the world. And find some answers to Ricky’s death…

Week 9: It keeps Getting Better and Better…



This was busy for me this week. My laptop died around Wednesday forcing me to buy a new one. This unfortunately meant I had to redo some of my work. Also this week was an introduction to using video. Initially, I found this process a little tedious. Because not only do I have edit the audio I had to make sure it would sync with the video properly. After a few frustrating hours, I finally managed to produce some video

This week I listen to DS Radio and heard the group Inside Talking. It was a great listen and participated in the twitter along.

I also made two daily creates this week. The first one was to make a poem of a rainy day. This was short and sweet, but I really enjoyed it. The second daily create was similar to the rain poem, only this time, I read it out loud. At first I was done in about 30 seconds, but I wanted add some raindrops in the background to make it more interesting.

I also analysed the last scene of Notorious. Just a brief synopsis of how the last scene was so impactful. The video itself is about 30 seconds long, but it took me nearly an hour to edit. I hope once I practice more, I should get the hang of it.

Well onto Week 10….reluctantly.

Week 8 Summary: Getting Inspired and Getting My Groove Back.

This week has been pretty hectic to say the least. The first thing we had to do is find other people’s work, comment them and present them. It was interesting because it forced, encouraged us to find what inspired us.

Another task we did was creating using our noir character and present them on twiter. Below are some are of them:

We also had to go back to doing assignment banks again. But this time, we did them as our character. Here’s one where my character Marcus, daydreams about money.

We also had to create some daily creates. Here one of them: We Will, We Will ROCK YOU!!!. This was a poem where a song made a past event memorable.

A bit of a slow start, but trying get back on track. On to Week 9.

Week 7. Flying Solo…..But I’m still flying high…

This week I had to record my own radio station due to a group fallout. Its frustrating, but that’s life. You have to compensate and do the best you can without making excuses. Anyway, first, I had to come up with my own theme. I chose to create (JNRS) aka Jackson’s Noir Radio Station. However, I did have some fun in creating the radio show.

My comments for the week are below.

1. Towel as a shoe.
2. Blue and Orange Outdoor Background.
3. Scary Pirate Trailer.
4. Fear of Snakes and Sharks.
5. Stepping on People.
6. Awesome Space Station.
7. A unique shoe.
8. Ambitious Layering.
9. Curiosity, kills the cat.
10. 90’s Gameboard.

The Daily Creates were fun this week. I enjoyed drawing a space station. The expendables poster was also really fun, but surprisingly difficult. The heel daily create took some innovation on my part, but mangaged to pull it off with my old pal Riley.

Throughout this week, I learned the importance of communication. I didn’t realize how difficult it was for 5 people to collaborate on a project. But, from now on, I will try harder to get others more involved so my future teams do not fall apart again.

On to Week 8….But first…SPRING BREAK!!!!

Week 6 Summary: Creating our Radio Show and More Fun Audio Assignments!


This week as been an interesting one to say the least. We had to form into groups to create our own noir radio talk show. We decided in creating a talk show called THE NOIR BUZZ. This where are characters gather together and discuss about their lives. I am really excited for this. All we need now is a script and a format of the show.

This week also we did another tweet along. This time with the show Notorious. It was alright. It was not as good as the buzz/Neil conversation when they were on the moon, but it was still entertaining.
Below are some of my tweets:

Also this week we had to comment more on other peoples work. Its so we can grow as a community, which I totally understand. I found some interesting blogs. Below are my links to my comments:


2.Morning Activities

3.Guessing a Popular Song

4.Awesome Noir Cereal Commercial

5.Cool Theme Song

6.Having Tea with Random People

7.Another song guessing game

8.Fantastic Sound Effects

9.Interesting Ring Tone

10.Cool Remix of a Conversation and Song

For Audio Assignments, I did a total of 11.5 Stars. I create an epic theme song, morning rituals, my favorite, Marcus Emotional Roller Coaster and Marcus’s Voicemail. I had a lot of fun doing those.

This was a fun week. I am looking forward to Week 7 and finishing up our radio station!

Week 5 Summary: The Design Process

This week I was introduced into design patterns. At first I was a little confused between design and visual creation, but The Vignelli Canon helped cleared that up for me. I didn’t realize that different types of patters like rhythm, form and symbols can drastically change the viewer’s perception of an object.

Watching Blade Runner was a blast. I didn’t expect to be so many design elements in there.

Taking pictures around campus was fun. But, it was very difficult to describe what type of design pattern I was looking at. I guess need read more on that for research.

I create lots of fun daily creates and Design Assignments. My favorite was wearing your own food and creating a logo of another competitor.

Copyright is very important to understand. It illustrates how it can beneficial to the creator of mediums, but, at the same time can violate many rights of innocent people who simply want to express their own version of the medium.

Glad Week 5 is over with. Onward and upwards!

Week 4 Summary: Having a blast with Audio!!

This week was a fun week for me in noir106. First, I had to watch two film introductions and comment on how both audio tracks affected the mood of the movie. I was astounded at the difference. For one film, it was clunky and boring; while the other was fast pasted and menacing. I had an interesting read on Noir films and the common styles used in each movie. The most common one was the use of fast paced key notes to signify to the audience danger or anxiety. I also heard an awesome clip on the ds106 on Thursday night on the astronauts crash landing on the moon. I was impressed by the sound effects, narration of the entire story.

For my daily creates, I had chosen to create a caption of a puppy and use a caption of space. For the dog one, I had to become more creative in making captions in a bubble.

I had to get acquainted with Audacity; which was a fun task to do. I was able create numerous audio clips of interesting sounds and music. At first, it was a little tedious, but over time, I had gotten use to the project. For the assignments, I used a combination of my voice and various sound clips from to create my audio sounds. My two favorite activities were creating a bumper for ds106 and the sound effects story.

I am still thinking of new ideas for the future DS106 radio show. One idea I had was discussing historical events with music in the background. I will look into other ideas for the radio.

In summary, this week felt I was having more fun than actually doing work. I loved using Audacity and using my creativity to make lots of audio clips for my blog.

Well, onto Week 5! Bring it On!

Week 3: Weekly Summary – Pictures, Pictures, and more Pictures!!

This week has been a huge wake up call for me in how intense and fun this class can be. This week I had to watch two films and pick two captures from the films that I felt the most “noir-esqe”. The process was actually more difficult than I realize. After watching the movie I had to go back scan through the scenes to find the right two captures. I eventually found it.

Finding five pictures that represent Noir was fun. Two of pictures I took from my neighborhood which satisfied the “gritty urban scenery” requirement. The real fun was taking images of items in my house that made cool shapes and photos that looked like it came from a horror film.

The daily creates were pretty easy to do to. I use to draw in high school so drawing random sketches in class was doable.

The visual assignments was a mix bag for. The hardest part was finding the visual assignments that doable, had 10 points or more, and was fun to do. I was able to do 10.5 points/star worth of assignments. Another issue was that flickr would not display my photos/drawings properly. So I had just link to my flickr page instead.

Organizing my blog was a piece of cake. I normally tag and add post to a category. I used the tags “Assignments”, “Thoughts and Ideas”, “Daily Create”, and “Marcus Jackson’s Retribution”.

I have to be on top of this course. Its tedious. Its Frustrating. Its Fun. On to Week 4.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Phoenix, Watch me fly…….


Getting ready for the class!

Preparations and exceptions for Week 1:
I have heard from numerous sources and the emails from professors,is that course requires lots of interactions with social media. At first I was, that is pretty cool, then I realize how I rarely use social media. I don’t much care for it really to be honest. But, at the same time, I don’t mind trying something new.

My approach into doing assignments is to dedicate at least 1hr a day to the course. I’ve been warned many times that doing things in the last midnight is not advisable, so I will do my best not to procrastinate. So far, I am really enjoying Flicker. I like finding and expressing my thoughts and opinions through pictures. Another interesting experience is listening to myself talk through soundcloud. It is weird, but at the same time, kind of cool. I felt like creating my own personal podcast on random topics that have happened to me. For some reason I am not really comfortable with twitter. Probably because I don’t know what to say on tweet or blog post half the time. Another issue is Youtube. I am not comfortable at all in posting a video of myself on the internet. Its also kind of difficult since I don’t have a camera on my laptop or the proper software to create Youtube Videos. So, may have to create another innovate way to create Youtube videos. But, again, I am willing to try new things and have fun.

My impressions on Noir.
My first week impression of noir is very interesting. I didn’t realize I have already seen majority of many mediums of noir in the past. I am fascinated with the black and white contrast in each of the movies and episodes. For example, Sin City is primary black and white; occasionally has some color to emphasize importance. For example “Junior” is yellow, probably telling the audience he is not normal mentally and physically. I also personal believe the contrast forces the audience to pay attention to entire environment and not just the characters.