Week 11: My Iniatiation To The Freedom Fighters Agency

This week was pretty busy for me. After much contemplation, I decided to join The Freedom Fighters Agency (FFA). Ricky’s death made me realize I must do something to make this world a better place. Also must figure out how he pass away, because its been bothering me for weeks now. Hopefully the FFA can help me out with that problem. The agency apparently is pretty small. I only met a few individuals, but there are probably more than I realize.

First things first, I had to compose a resume and sent it to them. I was told by a letter that they accepted me and was very impressed by my skills. I’ve been told I will start sometime next week.

Before was able to do any missions, I was told to come blindfolded to a warehouse. It was sketchy at first, but I think they were still testing me. There I made a oath/a quick thank you before an audience that I couldn’t recognize. I guess they wanted me to know where my true feeling reside.

Once I left the warehouse, I went back to my quarters and started to reflect on my experiences. I first created a rcollage to tell a story of my journey so far.

Realizing I just made a huge decision, I realize I must make a will for my data representation of myself. The whole point was to show the world the side of me that chose to fight for justice. To rectify my mistakes so I can make my agency and family proud.

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My Daily Creates.

Its been an very eventful week and looking forward to next week. Hopefully my new Agency can do some good in the world. And find some answers to Ricky’s death…

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