When I’m Gone……

Data of The Dead(3 Stars)


Source: https://reasonswhyimstillsingle.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/batman_6.jpg

“If my untimely demise comes, which may come sooner than later since I live a crazy life style, I want to first have the Agency collect all the money I have confiscated from the mafia and give it to my family in Pasadena, California. Also, they cannot have knowledge most of my activities, So I request the agency to post all of the positive things I have done for the agency. I want my family to remember me as a crusader for the greater cause. I also want a picture of me standing on bolder, holding the American flag, with wind blowing behind while I star at the night sky. I know this didn’t happen, but that’s Photoshop is for. I want this to be the last image of people have of me.
Make it so!”

After my initiation, I decided to write a will on what should happen to my data if I ever pass away. I pretty much wanted my family and world to remember me as a hero. My goal is to inspire other to do the right thing and fight for justice.

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