Working On The Case, What the heck is a Night Rider!?!?

Night-Rider Case Update.

Introduced a new case to my compatriots Hank Hankerson and Joyce Jenkins. Hank was less than thrilled about it but Joyce and I finally convinced him. Joyce is also bring her camera to the scene of the crime so we can figure out what is going on. This honestly my might a wild goose chase. But we have to try anyway. Also, on a personal level, I feel more focused and driven then I’ve ever felt before. I post more details on Sunday.

Transcript of our conversation is here.

4 responses on “Working On The Case, What the heck is a Night Rider!?!?

  1. Julia James

    This case sounds like a good one. Sometimes my case seems like a wild goose chase, as well. Don’t get discouraged, though, I’m sure it will all work out. I am also very driven to solve my agency’s case!
    Jewel out.

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