Week 10: I am Marcus Jackson, and I am here to stay.

Hacked into this guys blog. Did it for because I could. This week I decided to post some of my videos this week. One video I did a pretty much an interview with some stalker name Jim Groom. He kept bother me, so I gave him answers to his questions.

I did about 15 stars worth of the video assignments

Another video I did this week was describing myself and what I’ve done. This video was a little difficult because I had to find pictures to repsent how I felt during the video. I think I pulled it off.

The third video I did was recording myself driving outside. The view as spectacular. I was breathless for a good minute. It was a nice distraction.

The fourth, and my favorite video was of me re-dubbing a movie clip. I did one with the legendary Mark Zuckerberg in the movie Social Network. The feedback I got from video was overwhelming positive. People think I’m funny. Which is flattering. Maybe I should be a commedian.

I did a few create daily creates this week. They were pretty much short and sweet.

My 10 Comments for the Week:

1. Awesome Whiskey Commercial.
2. Shady Interview.
3. Still Looking for Love.
4. A beautiful Tree.
5. Honoring Michael Jordan.
6. Another cool Tree.
7. Retro Picnic Table.
8. Great Quote and Picture of Growing.
9. Coffee Builds Friendships.
10. Kindness is Overrated

I kind of like doing this. It distracts me from the demons I carry every day. Especially after Ricky’s death. But I must move on. Onto the next week.

My Daily Creates….

15 Second Drawing of Batman


The great Batman symbol…in 15 seconds. Drink it in.

Breakfast Selfie

Breakfast Selfie

I love me some Cinnamon Honey Bunches of Oats

Talking with a Stranger

At my part time job, I was helping one of our customers load a munch of mulch into their car. On the back of the was a bunch of numerous stickers of many states. I said to the customers, you sure have been to a lot of places. The customer said “Nope. I just like collecting stickers of the different states of our great country.” Talking with strangers can be..weird.


Video Your Mood (2 Stars)

Driving on some random road. It has been a stressful week. I just buried my good friend Ricky. I stole a car from somebody so I could get home faster. Hopefully the cops don’t find me. It was about 5 in the afternoon. The sky was starting to set as night was coming. I”m not gonna lie, this is a breathtaking scene. So I record it. And for the first time, for a while, I felt at peace.


There is this guy name Jim Groom. Never heard of him. But he keeps tweeting me and nagging me for an interview. So I gave one to him. Some of my answers were serious, some not so serious. From the looks of it, he seems like a nice guy. Very intelligent. But I don’t trust him. So I made this video in the dark. Concealing my identity. I will not disclose my current location. But I will give him answers.


Follow My Advice Little Ones, Life is Sideways……

Survival Video (4.5 Stars)

I am feeling a little home sick at moment. I’ve been so much crap. I don’t think I can’t take this anymore. So I decided to create this Survival Video for my younger brother and sister to prep for the world. I tried to convey the message the best I could in a positive way. I turned the camera sideways to visually show life is sideways. I just wanted them to know I that I have their back if there ever in a dark place. I am trying to hold on. I must hold on. I will do it for them.

Who am I? Wouldn’t You Like To Know……

I Am Me (4.5 Stars)

I decided to make this video about myself. I don’t know why, but I just had an urge to record something. Its for the most part about what has happened recently in my life. Been out of school for couple months now. I’m currently traveling to California. Its hot and lonely. I miss Ricky already. Hopefully I could get ride from somebody. My video camera is not working properly, so I decided to post so images that represent what I am trying to convey to my “audience”. This whole thing took about an hour to make. Hope you guys enjoy it. If not, at least understand what kind of person I am.

Don’t Mess With Zuckerberg

Redub The Audio (4 Stars)

Mark Zuckerberg in this movie is kind of my kind of guy. An intelligent guy with a HUGE chip on his shoulder. Anyways I changed the audio to portray him and his jerk of a teacher. To be honest he is not that much of a jerk, but I digress. I use my voice as the Zuckerberg and the teacher. It was a little difficult because I was trying to attempt at some humor, match their lips and facial tones. I think I pulled it off, what do you think?

Week 9: It keeps Getting Better and Better…


Source: https://gatsiesheikar.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/headdesk.png

This was busy for me this week. My laptop died around Wednesday forcing me to buy a new one. This unfortunately meant I had to redo some of my work. Also this week was an introduction to using video. Initially, I found this process a little tedious. Because not only do I have edit the audio I had to make sure it would sync with the video properly. After a few frustrating hours, I finally managed to produce some video

This week I listen to DS Radio and heard the group Inside Talking. It was a great listen and participated in the twitter along.

I also made two daily creates this week. The first one was to make a poem of a rainy day. This was short and sweet, but I really enjoyed it. The second daily create was similar to the rain poem, only this time, I read it out loud. At first I was done in about 30 seconds, but I wanted add some raindrops in the background to make it more interesting.

I also analysed the last scene of Notorious. Just a brief synopsis of how the last scene was so impactful. The video itself is about 30 seconds long, but it took me nearly an hour to edit. I hope once I practice more, I should get the hang of it.

Well onto Week 10….reluctantly.

Last Scene of Notorious.

In this scene, I did a brief synopsis of ending of Notorious. I wanted to make it short and sweet. The character, Alex, walks up the stairs in the most dramatic way. The audience knows that Alex will be caught and could spell doom for him in the future. Another thing I wanted emphasize the camera shot. You do not see Alex’s face, as he walks up, but you know its pretty somber. Finally the closing of the door was a great transition of to the end of the movie. Very interesting scene.