The Sensations Of Rain



Water, Liquid, H20,

Clouds, dark, and grey,

Raindrops, Thunder lightning.

Step out in the showers.

Close you eyes.

Feel and Hear Nature washing itself all over you.

Drink it in……..

I’ve never felt so alive.

This was a daily create about rainy day and how you feel. I love rainy days. So this poem was fun to write. People usually feel miserable or in a bad mood. Not me. I feel at peace when there is a huge thunderstorm outside, seeing lighting across the sky.
I love rain.

That Escalated Quickly…

Tonight I heard the radio show Inside Talking.

Below are my tweets while listening to the show:

It was basically a talks show host between all of the groups characters. What I loved about it, is that I felt that I was part of a real radio station. I especially enjoyed how each character had their own unique story. Also the way they interacted with the host was pretty funny also. There were actual crowd noise in the background hecklers, and even the host and interview got engaged, which was freaking hilarious. It was well put together and I enjoyed the show greatly.

Week 8 Summary: Getting Inspired and Getting My Groove Back.

This week has been pretty hectic to say the least. The first thing we had to do is find other people’s work, comment them and present them. It was interesting because it forced, encouraged us to find what inspired us.

Another task we did was creating using our noir character and present them on twiter. Below are some are of them:

We also had to go back to doing assignment banks again. But this time, we did them as our character. Here’s one where my character Marcus, daydreams about money.

We also had to create some daily creates. Here one of them: We Will, We Will ROCK YOU!!!. This was a poem where a song made a past event memorable.

A bit of a slow start, but trying get back on track. On to Week 9.

We Will, We Will ROCK YOU!!!

Daily Create: How music changed your life

We were down eight points and very behind,

Our team was exhausted, and also whined,

All hope was lost, we didn’t know what to do,

Then someone blasted the song, “We will Rock You”

We had spirit, we had hope in our hearts,

We played hard, despite our faults,

The crowd cheered rooting us on,

And in the end, We Won!

This poem was about a memorable basketball game I had in high school. Our school was losing to another school in our home stadium. I felt like our team was going to lose the game. And then someone play the song “We Will Rock You” by Queen. After that the entire crowd started singing the lyrics. The environment inspired us so much, we eventually won the game. Now every time I hear that song I always pumped up!


<Your dreams out of the window (2 Points)

Money and more money-page-001

What do I dream about? Power? Women? Material Gain? What do all of those thing have in common? MONEY BABY! That all I dream about, that’s all I care about. Money right now is very important. Not only because I am broke, but it’s my gateway toward being somebody. I am tired of being kicked around and getting screwed over. I want tell people what to do. I want girls on my shoulders on all times. I want to be happy. And money is the only way I can be happy!

This assignment was about how my character, Marcus Jackson, daydreams about. At this point of his life, Marcus believes that money will solve all of his problems. Granted, he has not learned how to get money, yet. But he believes his life will be content if he is rich and powerful. He has a lot to learn……

Week 7. Flying Solo…..But I’m still flying high…

This week I had to record my own radio station due to a group fallout. Its frustrating, but that’s life. You have to compensate and do the best you can without making excuses. Anyway, first, I had to come up with my own theme. I chose to create (JNRS) aka Jackson’s Noir Radio Station. However, I did have some fun in creating the radio show.

My comments for the week are below.

1. Towel as a shoe.
2. Blue and Orange Outdoor Background.
3. Scary Pirate Trailer.
4. Fear of Snakes and Sharks.
5. Stepping on People.
6. Awesome Space Station.
7. A unique shoe.
8. Ambitious Layering.
9. Curiosity, kills the cat.
10. 90’s Gameboard.

The Daily Creates were fun this week. I enjoyed drawing a space station. The expendables poster was also really fun, but surprisingly difficult. The heel daily create took some innovation on my part, but mangaged to pull it off with my old pal Riley.

Throughout this week, I learned the importance of communication. I didn’t realize how difficult it was for 5 people to collaborate on a project. But, from now on, I will try harder to get others more involved so my future teams do not fall apart again.

On to Week 8….But first…SPRING BREAK!!!!

Back to the Drawing Board……..

JNRS (Jackson Noir Radio Station)

This second week in creating a Radio Show has been frustrating to say the least. We created new great ideas for our radio show. However, due to timing conflicts and lack of communication. Two of our members decided to do the show without the rest of the group. This meant the remaining three people had to collaborate to create our own radio show, but due to weather conditions and no responses, I was forced to create a new radio show on my own.

I created a radio show based on my character getting an internship at radio station. My character, Marcus, was asked to create radio segment on a radio station. It was Noir themed in which gave his take on three topics that he felt were important in Noir. The three themes were Sounds/Background noise, femme fatale, and foreshadowing/dialogue. He also included some commercials of products that was used in the 50’s and 60’s.The segment is about 18 minutes long. It was very tedious, but I able to finish the radio show.

Sources:(1950’s & 1960’s) Commercials, The Tall Target, Crossfire, Nightfall

To Boldy Go Where No Man Has Gone Before….

Space Station

I loved this Daily Create because I am a huge Sci-Fi fan. This daily create was to create a space station. I decided instead of drawing an elaborate drawing, I decided to go to a more realistic approach. This space station is similar to the Soviet Space station that went into space. I have always been fascinated by the idea of living in space and/or other planets. Its partly the reason I’m also a Computer Science major. One of my dreams is to help create technology to help humanity take the next step of scientific advancement. One drawing at a time……


Teal Blue and Orange!

I decided to use the “Expendables” movie logo to do my daily create. Because the movie is the definition of action movies. There is so much violence in the poster, it gets you pumped up for the movie. So below is the orginial poster.


Then I had to change the picture settings. This process took longer than expected because initially I had no idea how to change the color of the picture. Then after messing around, I learned to change the color, you must change the “tint” and “temperature” of the picture. Then make sure the primary colors are blue and some orange. And there you have it an awesome picture just became even more epic.

I just wish the movie was just as awesome too…..



Riley Gives Me “Support”

Stepping on Riley

Riley has always been there for me. Whenever I’m down or I need guidance hes always there.

I decided to do the #heelconcept with my old, glazed, statue dragon, “Riley”. The concept was to use “everyday” items in this picture. But technically Riley has been in my room ever since I was 9. I made him in art class and kept him in my room all this time. He reminds me of the time I use to play with him as a kid. He would “cheer me up” when I’m board or if I wasn’t in a good mood. Granted, I haven’t played with Riley in years, but, symbolically, Riley always got my back.