Our Radio Poster…..THE NOIR BUZZ!!!

Our Design Poster for Radio Show:


This poster was designed by Sahar. We decided use this poster because it visually demonstrates all of the elements of noir. In the picture there is glamour, romance, surveillance, and drama. One of our ideas is talk about how certain movies and music showcases noir styles. From there, we can discuss deeper into what was the artist/director main message when creating their medium. What do the creators want the audience to reflect on or feel? Finally discuss the why the creators of noir want certain themes to resonate to its audience.

This will require us to research on the most common themes that are displayed noir mediums. For example, what are the typical visual signals that show an audience that it is noir style. Not only that, but the music, sounds, and dialogue for the films. Once we find those common themes, we need to investigate why they are important as well. For example, do dark environment create a scary ambiance and if so, why? This will require lots of dissecting and research. I’m looking forward to it.

5 responses on “Our Radio Poster…..THE NOIR BUZZ!!!

  1. Landon

    I like it! I think you did a good job of representing characters of noir well! The top hats, the cigarettes, starring off into the distance; can’t beat it!! I like the name too, I think The Noir Buzz sounds great. Good work!!

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